A Message from the President
I want to welcome everyone to Westlake Village Sunrise Rotary year, 2018-2019.
Let me start by saying, I am humbled and honored and do not take my role as your President lightly.  I have been a Rotarian for 28 years and many times over the years I have heard, “Terry, isn’t it about time for you to lead the troops.”  But those that know me, know that I do not take on any responsibility without giving it 110%……my motto in life is: “you must be willing to do whatever it takes”.  Well, it IS my time and I am “willing to do whatever it takes” to make sure we have our best Rotary year ever!
I am blessed that our Westlake Village Sunrise Rotary club is already a great club.  Michael McGlashen, and all the Presidents and Boards before me, have paved the way for where we stand today.  Our club has a rich history of doing good things not only in our community but throughout the world.  We are often referred to as the friendliest club in the District, as well.   
Paul Harris, the founder of Rotary 113 years ago, brought together a group of his friends, for the purpose of fellowship, friendship and to build connections within their community and then… soon after…. SERVICE.  Paul Harris “INSPIRED” his friends, and said, “it can’t be about us, it needs to be SERVICE ABOVE SELF.” I say to you, fellow Rotarians “it’s not about ME, it not about YOU, it is about what “WE” can do collectively to better our community and to better our world. Yet, it CAN take only ONE person, like Paul Harris to “start” the inspiration.  Like a Heather Frankel who found Rotary as a way of sharing her passion of helping others less fortunate and inspiring many around the world to do the same through the Rotary Foundation.    Like my friend, Gabriella, who at a very young age, after a family trip to Peru, where she witnessed the hardship that many children face every day, inspired her parents and her sister to help her to collect aluminum cans…. and now through her NON-Profit, Mi Casa de Angeles (House of Angels) there is a nursery, a day care and a pre-school in the outskirts of Lima, Peru.  All this because she recognized that by empowering children with knowledge as well as having a safe place to learn and enjoy healthy nutrition, these children can have a better opportunity to succeed in society.  This is INSPIRATION.
Rotary SERVICE transforms lives and communities with its over 1,2 million Rotarians around every corner of the world. Its’ potential is vast. 
Globally, Rotary is more relevant than ever before. Rotary has the ability to bring our world together and bring PEACE to the World.   I am sure Paul Harris would be proud of what his “drop of inspiration” has done in the vast waters of the world.
Unfortunately, not enough people fully understand what Rotary is and what it does.  We need to tell our story.  We need to put more emphasis on our public image, using social media to build our membership and attract partners who can scale up our service.  But to do this, we must think differently. Most importantly we need to “Be the Inspiration” for positive change, inspiring more people to get involved. Like so many organizations, people are getting older, our lives are getting busier, we are more connected than ever, yet we are losing that personal touch,  personal connectivity. 
As Rotarians, we all live by the 4-way test of the things we think, say and do, yet each club (as I learned this week while attending the other President’s meetings) has its own personality. Rotary International is “encouraging us,” “inspiring us” to think differently, be more creative on how we might inspire and bring more people to our Rotary family, so we can do more good in our communities and the world.
One of my personal attributes is my ability to be creative. My goal this year is to see that every person I meet finds a pathway to our Rotary family. This may take us creating new categories of membership, which we have already started with the new Corporate membership, family membership and Friends of Rotary.  Now even more people can come together to share fellowship and do good in the world.
I am person of who likes models and systems, and a clear pathway to success.   When my husband, Raymond and I took over the Keller Williams real estate office in Westlake Village, we had less than 50 agents and we were “Keller WHO? Less than 10 years later, with a vision, a plan of action backed by strong accountability, I am proud of the thriving company we have built.   But, my best day of the year is when we close our doors on the 2nd Thursday in May and our 350 agents join together for RED DAY where we go into our community and serve. This year we painted fences at Many Mansions, made over 100 blankets for Casa Pacifica, collected hundreds of pints of blood and cans of food for the less fortunate in our community.
This took a heck of a lot of Inspiration! 
I could say so much more about Rotary and my personal love for Rotary and my Rotary Family, but I would like to leave you with “just a little bit more” INSPIRATION.
Many of you know my love for my birthday and how I find many ways to celebrate it, all 30 days.  During this rotary year I will celebrate my big 70!  Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 13th, where I will capitalize on the opportunity to share that day with my Rotary family.   The number 70 will be the inspiring number for me during my rotary year. My vision is that we will raise $70,000 as well as to contribute 70,000 minutes of “hands on” service.  We will collect 70,000 coins for polio in our special Polio bottle. We will take our membership from 50 to 70 dedicated Rotarians inspired to give back to our community and the world.
To me, Rotary is not only a MODEL to build from, but an inspiration to allow each of us to leave a legacy.   It shows us what is possible, inspires us to reach for it, and gives us a pathway to ACT and “to be the inspiration “that is so needed in our world RIGHT NOW!
Proud to your President,
Terry Moerler