WLV Sunrise - Jim Wisdom

Contact: Jim Wisdom
Westlake Village Sunrise
North Ranch Country Club
4761 Valley Spring Dr
Westlake Village, CA  91362
United States

Rotary Club of Westlake Village Sunrise - Friday Club Meeting
Topic:  My Experience As A Trustee - Part II

Speaker: Jim Wisdom


Our own Jim Wisdom delivered Part I of this presentation to the Club in 2015. After the presentation, the late Bill Medley (Estate Planning Attorney) came up to him and said “You’ve got some challenges ahead of you.”  I didn’t realize it at the time, but how right he was. This is Jim’s story about what it’s like being a Trustee of a family with five sons, and a mother who is in her final years of life, and what types of things can happen before and after her death from an estate planning standpoint. The purpose is to provide some education about this process to those in attendance so they can be prepared for what might happen with their own family’s financial affairs and estate planning.